For full quill planners we can order a hide for either 1 A5 Planner or 2 other sized Planners. You can select any colour from the Real Ostrich Colour Card.

If you would like to order an A5 Sized planner with real ostrich leather inside and outside, please email me via hello@vdsshop.com to let me know the details of your order (leather colour, planner type and size, additional options etc) to receive a price quote and order your planner.

If you would like to order a smaller sized planner in Real Ostrich leather, please find a 'planner buddy' for example via the FB VDS Real Ostrich Buddy Search (click on the Real Ostrich albums) and send me an email via hello@vdsshop.com when you found a person to share the hide with to let me know the specifications of both planners (planner type, additional options etc) to receive a price quote and order the planners.

Full Quill Planner Price

Price | First, take the price that is listed for the planner of your choice on our webshop. You multiply that price x4 to get to the price of that planner in real ostrich full quill.

For additional options you take the price that is listed on our webshop and multiply it x3 to get to the real ostrich full quill price for additional options.

To illustrate this with an example (excl. vat):

  • Standard 30mm Rings = € 182,- (+/- $194,-) x 4 = € 728,- (+/- $776,-)

Additional options, for example:

  • Standard Big Back Pocket = € 52,50 (+/- $58,-) x 3 = € 157,50 (+/- $174,-)
  • Chunky Clasp = € 25,- (+/- $29,-) x 3 = € 75,- (+/- $87,-)
  • Standard Secretarial Flap = € 30,- (+/- $33,-) x 3 = € 90,- (+/- $99,-)

full quill

Real Ostrich Colour Card

Here you can see the available colours of Real Ostrich. They are certified hides with South African origin with a “saddle finish”; a historical soft semi-matte finish that maintains the naturalness of the skins. 
To dye the leather, minerals and vegetable products are used as indicated by the International Tannery Association under RSA Interior Chemicals Law.

Please keep in mind that the colours that you see in the colour card and all other images of real ostrich on this page will differ slightly from the actual colour. To make sure that you like the actual colour we advise you to order a leather sample of it first.

To get more information on all the abbreviations on the colour card with regards to the specific 'Finish' of each leather, please click here.

colour card 0
colour card 1
colour card 2

Real Ostrich Leather Samples

You can order leather samples of many (not all) of the real ostrich colours. So you can see, feel, and smell the leather before making a decision.

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