Repair & Return Policy

Product Returns - repairs & replacements

Conditions - returning products for repair or replacement

· Replacements and repairs are only accepted if there are fabrication errors in the product or if the product doesn’t match the item that was ordered.
Since custom-made orders are created entirely to the wishes of the customer, we will repair the planner or create a new planner.
We have to be notified about this on the day the product was received.
· We do not accept returns based on damage due to the customer’s own treatment of the product (polish, scratching due to use, water damage etc).

·We accept ‘Touch Me’ organizer exchanges and returns based on personal preferences on the condition that the sending costs (both ways) are fully paid by the customer. The product has to be unused and in its original packaging and we have to be notified on the day the product was received.

Leather is a unique and diverse product which means that no two hides are the same. The full grain, top quality of the leather means that there can be natural "imperfections" in the leather caused by eg. scars or bites. This is part of the beauty of the natural product.
You can request which kind of hide part you like (pebbly / smooth) and we will find the best piece for you, it is however impossible to guarantee a 100% match with a leather you have seen somewhere before.

Leather suppliers maintain a 10% variability margin within which they can operate with regards to the print and color of the leather.
This means that there is a possibility for each hide to differ slightly in those aspects. We do not accept returns based on differences within those margins.

Sending a product back for repair or replacement

1. Return address:

Van der Spek Lederwaren
Laning 2
3297 TB Puttershoek
Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 78 676 4777

2. Refund of sending costs

You can select the mail transportation company of your choice. We provide a refund of sending costs up to € 35,- ( $ 40,-).
If you choose a courier that is more expensive the difference in price will be at your own expense. Please email us a copy of your sending receipt. We will refund you the sending costs when we receive your receipt and will let you know when we receive the planner.

3. Sending procedure

Mark the product as a ‘repair’ and if asked for an estimated value of the product put € 20,- ( $ 25,-). This is to avoid having to pay import duties over our own products.

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