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€ 205,00

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Left hand side: 10 horizontal credit card pockets | 1 bottom pocket | 2 credit card pockets at the bottom | 1 full height slip pocket | elasticated leather pen loop
Right hand side: 1 full height gusseted slip pocket | 1 full height zipper pocket | elasticated leather pen loop.

Van der Spek A5 size is compatible with A5 paper inserts.

Paper size: 140mm width x 215mm height | 152mm width including side tabs
+/- 5.51 x 8.46 inches | +/- 5.98 inch width including side tabs
Ring distance: 19 - 19 - 70 - 19 - 19 mm

Production Time: Due to the high amount of orders production time is currently 16 weeks. Thank you for your patience.
Once your order has been shipped you will automatically receive a track&trace link by email via Fedex.
Shipping Time: EU | 2 Workdays. US & Canada | 3 Workdays. Rest of the World | 5 Workdays.

Our Janet Leathers are 10% more expensive. Our Velvet Matte Croco leathers are 15% more expensive. This price increase will only be charged once, regardless of whether you pick these leathers for only outside or inside, or for both.
Additional options with these leathers have NO price increase.


Height 240mm | 9.45"
WIDTH (closed planner) 212mm | 8.35"
WIDTH (flat open planner) 448mm | 17.64"
DEPTH 50mm | 1.97"

Additional options to add

Below you can add your additional options to this product

Big Back Pocket Custom Made Ring Organizers

A full length wallet-type pocket lengthwise across the back of the binder. This large area adds multifunctionality to the use of your planner.

€ 60,00

Secretarial flap

A secretarial flap is a slip pocket that is open at the top and can be added on both the left and right inside lay-out of the planner. Since it is not stitched at the top it gives you easy access to insert and take out any items placed there.
*Please note that if you choose this option, (one of) the full height slip pocket is turned into a secretarial flap and will no longer be there.

€ 35,00

Leather Flyleaf Manager A5

As well as adding an element of luxury to the organiser, the flyleaf provides a smoother writing surface to write against. The color of the flyleaf will be the same color as your binder. Outside color on the front side and inside color on the back side.

Measurements: 215mm x 150mm (+/- 8,46 x 5,91 inches)

from € 35,00

Zipper Compartment Manager A5

The zipper compartment is a wallet style compartment inserted into the rings of the planner.
The zipper compartment will be the same colour as the inside colour of your planner.

Measurements: 215mm x 150mm (+/- 8,46 x 5,91 inches).

from € 55,00

Longer Clasp

Make your clasp 5-25mm longer = €15.00
(PS. 1 inch = +/- 25mm) This option is for the planner stuffers (you know who you are ;)
Please note: there is no extra popper included in this option.

€ 15,00

Widening to Custom Size (5 to 26mm)

Make your A5 planner 5-26mm wider. 5-10mm is €25.00. 11-26mm is €35.00. 

 (PS. this is calculated on a closed binder, so 1mm wider means 1mm on each side = 2mm in total on an open binder.)

from € 25,00

Outside facing slip pocket

An Outside facing slip pocket has its opening towards the outer side of the planner.
(A slip pocket is a 'slide-in' pocket that is closed at the top and bottom).

€ 45,00

Full height slip pocket on the outside of the planner

A full height slip pocket on the outside front or back of the planner.

* Please note that if you select this option, your clasp will automatically be lengthened by 12mm! (If you want your clasp to be longer than that, please mention this in the product comments.)

€ 80,00

Ring Protectors

Ring Protectors are two strips of leather sewn into both sides of the ring mechanism that cushion the rings and also prevent the interior of the leather from being dented by the rings over time.

€ 25,00

Chunky Clasp

Your A5 clasp will be turned into an A4 clasp.

€ 30,00

Squared Corners

The 4 corners of your custom made item will be squared instead of rounded.

€ 40,00


Add a personal touch to your planner by including a word or phrase of your choice. You can choose between silver, gold, and blind (this means that the letters will be pressed into the planner). The position of the embossing that you can choose from are: on the bottom right of the Front outside area or on the bottom left of the Left inside area.

€ 25,00

'Steve' Layout on left-hand side

This changes the left-hand side pocket layout of the planner into: 2 full height slip pockets | 3 vertical credit card pockets | 2 horizontal slip pockets

€ 35,00

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