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€ 35,00

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The VDS TM Pen Pouch gives your pens and small accessories a luxurious storage space.
Made with premium quality leather and available in 7 colours. All items are equipped with a silver coloured zipper.

- Your Touch Me Order will be shipped in 1 workday! -

Please note that if you only order a Pen Pouch we can offer lower sending costs to you: NL = € 5,- Rest of the World = € 10,-
This means sending it by envelope without tracking code so it will take longer than usual for you to receive it (around 2-3 weeks for orders outside the EU).
Sending by envelope is at your own risk. It almost never happens, but if the envelope gets lost during shipping we cannot send your Pen Pouch again free of cost.
At check-out, you can also opt for track&trace sending for the normal sending cost and time.

* This collection is ready-made. We cannot make adjustments to the lay-out or colours.


Height 200mm | 7.87"
WIDTH 80mm | 3.15"
DEPTH 60mm | 2.36"

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Zipper Wallet

Available in 4 colours.
It features four separate open pockets to keep your coins, paper money, and other valuables. Next to that it includes two credit card slots in between the pockets.
The wallet is secured with a silver-toned zipper and a leather puller strap.

€ 35,00

Credit Card Wallet

Available in 4 colours.
featuring three exterior credit cards slots on both sides (6 in total) with a pouch in the middle that is secured with a silver-toned zipper and puller strap.

€ 25,00

Pencil Pouch

The Pencil Pouch will have the same colour as your planner. Together they will make a perfect set. The inside lining is black and the zipper is silver coloured.

€ 35,00

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