Touch Me Pen Case for 2 Pens€ 46,00 € 30,00 (€ 36,30 incl. VAT)

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€ 30,00

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Maximum pen size that fits the pen case: 140 x 13Ø (diameter) (+/- 5.51 x 0.51Ø inches)

Processing Time: Your Pen Case will be shipped within 5 workdays.
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Shipping Time (approximately): EU | 2 Workdays. US & Canada | 3 Workdays. Rest of the World | 5 Workdays.


Height 145mm | 5.71"
WIDTH 44mm | 1.73"
DEPTH 20mm | 0.79"

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Pencil Pouch

The Pencil Pouch will have the same colour as your planner. Together they will make a perfect set. The inside lining is black and the zipper is silver coloured.

€ 35,00

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