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€ 42,00

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The zipper compartment is a wallet style compartment inserted into the rings of the planner. 

You can pick one leather colour and stitching for the zipper compartment (the frontside and backside will have the same leather and stitching colour).

Measurements: 151mm x 105mm (+/- 5,94 x 4,13 inches).

Production Time: around 2 weeks (unless you order it along with eg. a planner, then the production time is the same as for the planner).

Please note that if you only order a Zipper Compartment we can offer lower sending costs to you: NL = € 5,- Rest of the World = € 10,-
This means sending it by envelope without tracking code so it will take longer than usual for you to receive it (around 2-3 weeks for orders outside the EU).
Sending by envelope is at your own risk. If the envelope gets lost during shipping we cannot send your Zipper Compartment again free of cost.
At check-out, you can also opt for track&trace sending for the normal sending cost and time.

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