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€ 183,00

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More about CODEX | Standard

Left hand side: 2 full height slip pockets | 6 horizontal credit card pockets | 1 bottom pocket. 

Right hand side: 1 full height slip pocket | 1 bottom pocket

Van der Spek CODEX Standard size is compatible with 186x96x8mm (+/- 7.4x3.75x0.4 inches) Hobonichi weeks


Height 200mm | 7.87"
Width 108mm | 4.25"
Depth 22mm | 0.87"

Additional options to add

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Big Back Pocket

A full length wallet-type pocket lengthwise across the back of the Codex.

€ 50,00

Chunky Clasp

This option increases the height of the clasp by 1 size.
* Junior clasp will become Standard clasp.
* Senior, Standard & B6 clasp will become A5 clasp.
* A5 clasp will become A4 clasp.

€ 25,00

Right-hand side Gusseted Zipper Pocket lay-out

The right-hand side of your Codex will include: Gusseted zipper pocket | Full height outward facing slip pocket | Full height inward facing slip pocket | Bottom pocket.

€ 125,00


2 leather bookmarks will be sewn into the spine of your Codex

€ 20,00

Extra pen loop

Extra pen loop on the left-hand inside of the binder. this will be the same color as the inside color of the organizer. Our pen loops are always elasticated, which means that they are partly made of leather and partly elastic, so you can fit pens of different sizes in it. The maximum pen thickness that fits the pen loop is 10mm in diameter ⌀.

€ 18,50

Squared Corners

The 4 corners of your custom made item will be squared instead of rounded.

€ 40,00

4 elastics in the spine

4 elastics will be added to the spine that you can use to insert Traveler's Notebooks, making your Codex a 'Nodex' - A hybrid between Codex & Nomad.
(Please note that if you do not select a big back pocket as an additional option you will see 4 holes on the backside of your planner to accommodate these elastics.)

€ 30,00


Add a personal touch to your planner by including a word or phrase of your choice. You can choose between silver, gold, and blind (this means that the letters will be pressed into the planner). The position of the embossing that you can choose from are: on the bottom right of the Front outside area or on the bottom left of the Left inside area.

€ 25,00

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